HDR Background Image
Composite Examples

HDR Background Image

High Dynamic Range Photography is the process of taking several pictures at various exposures and merging them together to obtain more tonal range than a single picture can provide. Compositing a subject onto a HDR photograph can produce remarkable images.

Here is an example:

HDR Background Image

Shaina, the model in the photograph, was shot on white backdrop in studio. She was then extracted from the photgraph and dropped onto the background. She was then dogged and burned in order for her tonality to match the HDR backgound image. A texture was applied to the whole image to have the subject blend seamlessly into the background.

Here is another example:

HDR Image Background

The dilapidated guard building in the above image makes for an interesting background. The model, Sara, was photographed on a white backdrop and in photoshop she was extracted and dropped onto the HDR background.

Here is an example of using an outside modern place for the HDR background image.

And you can also use elegant indoor hdr images for your background.

There is a growing variety of HDR images suitable for compositing available on the HDR Background Images gallery.